Sunday, December 1, 2013

Diversity Through Different Time Periods(Project 5/Field Trip 6 Reaction)

I chose this theme because it shows the different types of art from various artists during the time periods.For each artist, they illustrate their ideas and thoughts about art through their works. For example, the painting, " Corridor in the Asylum" by Vincent Van Gogh depicts the asylum Van Gogh stayed at for twelve month. This painting shows what he saw in his mind, while he was in there for treatment. Another painting is "Mirror" by Stanley William Hayter which shows the face of a woman in a fan, while her body is an instrument or an object. In my opinion, this represents how society objectifies women as tools, instead of actual human beings.The last painting i liked was "Circus Slideshow by George Seurat. This painting illustrates popular entertainment by showing a circus as a slideshow to promote people to buy tickets.This painting gives a fun, pleasant feeling because it shows people having fun and enjoying the company of the people around them. Based on this, all these paintings depict the different ideas and thoughts from each artist throughout the different time periods.

Georges, Seurat
"Circus Slideshow"
European Paintings

El Greco
"View of Toledo"
European Paintings

Vasily Kandinsky
"Composition 27"
Modern and Contemporary Art 

Stanley Willliam Hayter
Modern and Contemporary Art
Kano School
"Birds and Flowers of the Twelve Months with Chinese Calligraphy"
Asian Art

Yuan Dynasty
"Buddha of Medicine"
Asian Art
Bernard Childs
Drawings and Prints

Vincent Van Gogh
"Corridor at the Asylum"
Drawings and Prints

                                                        17th century
                                                        Musical Instruments

"Pipe Organ"
Musical Instruments 

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